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The East End Cooperative Ministry's Sew Forward program is a career development collaboration started in conjunction with RK Mellon, the Pittsburgh Opera, and Bridgeway Capital. This project launched February 2017, provides technical education, access to professional machines, jobs, entrepreneurship training, and more, for exploring careers in the employment-diverse fields of sewing, tailoring and fashion design.


EECM has built-out and equipped production and training space for a sewing suite set to industry standards. The program trains participants in fundamentals, costuming, and design. In addition, the program fosters continued education, teaches soft skills, and provides resources for job attainment once they gain proficiency.

Upon completion of the program, participants receive a portfolio and join a community of makers in the Pittsburgh community, putting them in the best position to find work in the textile industry, where modern day skills are hard to find. Sew Forward is a launching pad for an individual’s first job with a safety net of additional support as needed.


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